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Here a little inspiration to start the work/school/life week!

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Please enjoy this video!  It is something everybody can do to have a more nutritious diet and to protect themselves from much dis-ease in the world.  Working in a garden when it is self sustaining is not only good for the environment it is good for the body and the soul.  It is a basic connection many people today could really benefit from.



Veggies from the Garden


Some zucchini and some tomatoes from the garden.  They are the best when they come fresh picked and they are actually really easy to grow!

Philly Orchard Project

Philadelphia Orchard Project is a really awesome organization and I recommend anyone to help out in any way.  Take a look at there site and you will see the great things they are doing.  The basic premise of the group is to create orchards in some of the poorest areas of Philadelphia so people in the locally community can get fresh ripe organic fruit locally and either free or very inexpensively.  This ideally is a great solution for all of us because there is nothing better then getting food that is almost if not right out of the backyard!

Energy: Soda Cans To Heat Your House

Energy Soda Cans To Heat Your House.

Above is a link to a short news clip about a man that turns soda cans into solar heating systems.  It is pretty neat and shows that there are some very simple solutions out there to help people save money and to have a cleaner indoor environment!

Homesteading Skills Sprouting

Homesteading Skills Sprouting.

Above is a Link to how to sprout and basically you can have soilless gardens in your on home with tons of nutrition and to top it off they taste sooo good!

Homesteading Skills How To Can Tomatoes

Homesteading Skills How To Can Tomatoes.

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